The slam in Brazil is a verb in feminine tense. Like a seed that is quickly spread in the air by birds or wind, it came to Brazil in 2008 through a woman's voice and, since then, it has flourished wherever a woman has something to say - and out loud.


Melbourne poet and convenor of La Mama Poetica, Amanda Anastasi, pays tribute to the late Judith Rodriguez, poet, social justice campaigner and beloved teacher.

It is with much sadness, fondness and celebration that we recognise the passing of our poet and
friend, Jud...



On the Rod is a newly released erasure art book created by Melbourne artist and poet, ReVerse Butcher. The work converses with the erasure of queer and feminine identities throughout history by applying that same erasure to Jack Kerouac's hyper-masculine text, On The...


*After the headlights, Jessica opened her eyes and lifted, through clouds, to the country of her ancestors. Judith Nangala Crispin

My internal lack of compass is pointing southwest where it always has for healing to Coyote Country, to where land listens like a fox to wh...


Sometimes the genesis of an idea occurs before you realise it has been conceived. It’s the moment of confluence; a meeting place for the life force that has gone before and the beginning of the new. Like the two sandbars of Somers, the shipping channel of poetry began...


Hi Everyone,

Anna here from Girls on Key. It has been over 4 years since I started Girls on Key as a small music gig in Northcote. I thought it would be time to share with you some of the successes and struggles Girls on Key has had, as it has developed to what it is to...


The countdown is on to the Sydney Writer's Festival! Here are our top picks if you want to check out the amazing women and non-gender conforming writers attending this year's festival. Hope to see you there!

1. Eileen Myles

They're a poet, an art writer and a novelist...


How did you develop your idea for the Virtual Virtual Reality Show? What fascinates you so much about virtual reality? The first time I viewed a Virtual Reality short film with Google Cardboard completely spun me out…I felt pretty disorientated and was left wondering…i...


Photo by Di Cousens at Open Studio, Melbourne. 

I will rise is Hani Abdile’s debut poetry and prose collection, published by Writing Through Fences. It chronicles Hani's harrowing journey from the horrors of war in Somalia to 18 months of detention to her eventual freed...


photo credit: Arielle Cottingham by Brendan Bonsack

The interesting thing about having a poetry reading in Melbourne’s iconic La Mama theatre in Carlton, is you also get a different stage set each time. For the November event, this was the reflective square stage set fo...

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Photos (c) Girls on Key Poetry by Brendan Bonsack

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