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hosting an event

Join the company of women and gender div

Girls on Key is a feminist poetry reading featuring women and gender diverse poets. All genders are welcome in the audience and on the open mic. We are a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community and welcome all first nations and linguistically diverse poets across our events.

Getting Started

Find a venue


Girls on Key venues are intimate, inclusive and disability accessible. Hosts will need to create their own arrangements with venues, including pricing and set up of sound equipment. Each venue will have their own requirements and you will need to create a monthly booking on a regular day or evening of your choosing. Door charge is $10 or $8 concession in order to pay poets and cover admin costs.


Book 1 or 2 featured poets


Poets and spoken word artists who are women and gender diverse. 

Send the feature FAQs to poets, which has all the information they need. Check with Anna to update the FAQs specific to your city. Features to provide a photo and short bio paragraph for the event promo. It is customary to have the next event ready to promote at the event.


Set up a Facebook group for your host city e.g. Girls on Key Nigeria and request admin access to the Girls on Key Facebook page to do this.

Nominate a charity for proceeds of the raffle.

Create a Facebook event, using the Girls on Key Facebook page and event format provided


Create a flyer and post in Canva, using the login supplied and the Girls on Key format and logo.

Finally, be sure to familiarise yourself with all that Girls on Key offers and our Small Press

Event Format

1. Doors open. Welcome guests and acknowledge first nations peoples. Give any notices e.g. toilet locations and event format.

2. 5 x open mic readers (3 minute time limit - original poetry)

3. Introduce first featured artist (10-15 minute reading)

4. Break for 10 minutes (sell raffle tickets)

5. Remaining open mic readers

6. Raffle and notices e.g. promoting next event or any books for sale.

7. Second feature reader (if there is one)

8. Thanks and closing.

You Will Need

  • Cash box and $30 float ($10s and $2 coins)

  • Raffle tickets

  • Raffle items e.g. donated books

  • Sound equipment (if not provided by venue) - speaker,mic, lead and mic stand, music stand for holding people's writing

  • Notebook and pen or small whiteboard and pen for listing open mic readers and taking note of door tallies

  • Event volunteers: MC/host, door person and sound person (not compulsory), photographer

  • Square payment app and login from Anna if taking care payments for door

After the Event

  • Complete the Event Report

  • Pay 20% of door takings to each featured poet

  • Pay 20% of door takings to Girls on Key via Paypal or direct bank deposit if available

  • Pay raffle proceeds to nominated charity

  • Provide any event issues or feedback to the manager, Anna Forsyth as needed

  • Overflow funds can be donated or kept by event host for admin costs

  • Share photos from the event on the Girls on Key Facebook page and in your group

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