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‘A Version of You,’ is an introspective adventure that will take the reader upon a journey throughout the course of one year within a young woman’s life on the road. The story is a true tale that speaks with raw, poetic gravity about, not only the endearing beauty of travel, but also the unspoken hardships faced when attempting to maintain a sense of personal identity against the worlds ever changing backdrop.

Within ‘A Version of You,’ a myriad of topics are shamelessly versed and delicately tackled; such as personal development, falling in and out of love, re-establishing familial connections, nurturing the quiet calling of creativity, and the powerful remembrance of one’s own personal divinity in a world where magic is so often forgotten.

Amongst these intricate happenings, ‘A Version of You’ is ultimately a uniquely woven story about growth through connections. And amidst a diverse assortment of real-life characters and strange scenarios that have been depicted with great detail and surreal visualisations, this book will allow the reader to glimpse not only great depths into the private life of April Lee Fields, but within its relatable pages, you may also find that you are simply looking back into… A Version of You.

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April Lee Fields is a self-published author, a shamanic songstress, and an internationally recognized spoken word artist. Performing live readings from her works, ‘A Version of You’ & ‘Wild Flower,' April takes her audience on an epic Spoken Word journey across continents; from small-town America to hippy communes deep in the Australian Outback, from the linoleum suburbs of her hometown in the UK, to overgrown jungle temples deep in the heart of Asia.

April’s vivid descriptions of both the exotic and the mundane are effortlessly entwined with a soulful observation that will completely transport her listener into a world of pure literary and melodic magic. April’s original story-telling performances are set against a deeply melodious instrumental backdrop, provided by her rhythmic musical partner, Twiggman.

There, you will find the pair seamlessly drifting into an assortment of soulful cover songs that have been carefully paired with each reading, offering the audience a touch of the familiar as well as the foreign. Alongside of the unique literary detail that pounces from her pages, the surreal visualisations that pour out of her mellifluous British mouth, and her soulful songs that are sure to reverberate you to the very core, the unique & sultry performance of April Lee Fields’ Story & Song is unlike anything that has ever before been done. https://www.aprilleefields.com/

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