After Cage - Dominique Hecq

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Girls on Key Press presents After Cage by Dominique Hecq.

In one of her most experimental works to date, Melbourne poet Dominique Hecq paints her words through time and space, swooping in and around a meditation on grief, death and rebirth and the age of uncertainty like a bird in flight. With the deftness of a master poet, Dominique loops each thread back on itself in a dance that keeps the reader on their toes. We pirouette with her into the great unknown. A thought-provoking poets-eye view on the strangeness of our times and the leaps of faith required to keep a sure footing while the world ties itself in knots. Guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective on this experiment we call life.

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Dominique Hecq grew up in the French-speaking part of Belgium. She now lives in Melbourne. Her works include a novel, three collections of short stories and six books of poetry. Her stories and poems have been published internationally. These appear in English and other languages in anthologies, journals and on websites. Over the years, her work has been awarded a variety of prizes.

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