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Rose Hunter is the author of the poetry books Anchorage (Haverthorn Press, UK, 2020), and glass (Five Islands Press, 2017), as well as three poetry books and two chapbooks in the USA. Rose was born in Australia and lived in Canada for ten years, and then Mexico for ten more, with time in the USA in between. She has been published in journals including the Griffith Review, Australian Poetry Journal, Island, Westerly, and Southerly, and in the USA in such journals as DIAGRAM, The Bennington Review, and the Los Angeles Review. In 2020 she received an Australia Council for the Arts grant for the creation of new work. These days she can be found in Brisbane and online at

Quizzical and full of quizzes—Hunter’s work investigates humanity’s often toxic and arrogant relationships to place and wildlife. She tackles subjects ranging from commercialism, subjectivity and individuality in the suburbs, and their nefarious connections under late capitalism and in the long shadow of the climate crisis.

“Anchorage implies a place of safety but isn’t. Nothing is quite what it seems where Hunter’s poetry ventures and observes. It is a moving soundscape taking us who knows where. The gorgeous fish you caught? It’s a killer pufferfish.” —Angela Gardner

“Anchorage is a mesmeric Wunderkammer, each poem a glass case of curiosities to be marvelled at, pondered, comprehended. The pages twinkle with live-wire language, biting humour and quirky objects (an elephant foot, ivory bagpipes, a neon-sign graveyard, jellyfish chandeliers). As Hunter traverses the globe, searching for ‘a place to inhabit / (her)self,’ the language also meanders bravely, finding its own meaning outside ‘the polish of cut & dried expectations.’ With a deep sense of ecology founded in compassion, Hunter encourages us to renew our connections with the birds, beasts and landscapes of our tortured earth. We exit the Wunderkammer better people: more awake, more aware, more in love with our surroundings.” —Alison Flett

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