For Instance - Haiku and Senryu by Matt Hetherington

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For Instance: A Haiku & Senryu Collection by Matt Hetherington. Mulla Mulla Press 2015.

For Instance, a haiku & senryu collection by Matt Hetherington traverses “three journeys”. Spanning 2004 to 2011, it is an account of observations through India, a significant relationship and Morocco. The 60 pages are broken into 3 sections; “sweeping the dust”, “puddles” and “the horizon”.

Initially, I wanted the haiku to maintain the short, long, short line length structure of classical haiku. The author addresses this in his introduction. He states “these are not traditional haiku or senryu but are, essentially, English-language versions inspired by what I understand as the spirit of these two classical Japanese forms”

This book is second hand and is in as new condition

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