Fossilised Lightning - Nicole Rain Sellers/Rebecca Trowbridge

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Fossilised Lightning is a collaborative ecopoetry collection from Newcastle local poets, Nicole Rain Sellers and Rebecca Trowbridge. Conceived on Awabakal country, the book represents a shift in consciousness reaching beyond nature writing to an expression of human embeddedness in the natural world. The poets share a fascination with nature and metaphysics, and the work combines Rebecca’s meditation experiences and geology expertise with Nicole's background in paganism and natural medicine. The result is an astounding collection that explores human interaction with nature and celebrates the mysteries of the earth's ecosystems.

Fuelling this tour-de-force collaboration between Nicole Rain Sellers and Rebecca Trowbridge is balance-on-the-high-beam writing that’s nevertheless “tethered wholly to earth.” Its deeply imagined world of natural forces is both intimately factual and mythic in reach. Biology, geology, bodies, spirits, hearts, minds – it’s all there, transformed by high-energy writing into crawling, flowing, biting, swarming, dying, growing, skittering life.
- Ross Gillett

This collaborative venture of innovative poetics and commitment to living with justice to the earth shines with evocation like magic.

- Phillip Hall

In light of this precarious time of threat to our planetary life-support systems, environmental poetics of this kind are curiously (and perhaps necessarily) unsettling. Nicole Rain Sellers and Rebecca Trowbridge have a gift for imaginative language and their poems are exciting to read.

- Cassandra O'Loughlin

Geology meets mythology in this collection of beautifully crafted insights into the earth and its undercurrents.

- Kelly Baxter

Nicole Rain Sellers has been a bartender, photographer, tarot and palm reader, editor, astrologer, massage therapist, yoga instructor, herbalist, nutritionist, and school tutor, but her favourite work is writing. She is a postgraduate student of ecopoetry, creative writing facilitator, beachgoer, bushwalker, gardener, and mother of three fine adults. This is her first book. Her recent poems have been published in Burrow, The Blue Nib, The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Three Drops from a Cauldron, Return to Mago, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Grieve, and Plumwood Mountain, and awarded in the Society of Women Writers Tasmania Robyn Mathison Poetry Prize and the Fellowship of Australian Writers Alice Sinclair Memorial Writing Competition. She also writes fiction and nonfiction.

Rebecca Trowbridge currently juggles high school teaching, family and writing. She has spent time as an army corporal, geologist, market research caller, ski lodge manager and university tutor, while living and working around Australia from the outback to the coast. She has a Masters in Volcanology and wants you to know that lava flows downhill. Bitter Matriarch: Poems on Family, the Universe and Belonging is her first grown-up poetry collection. Her other books, for young people, include Cherry Chicken Chocolate Kitchen, Congraduations! You Finished! and Fond Farewells:Stories that Comfort when Saying Goodbye.

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