Fruit Salad -Marty MonStar

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The multi-faceted and multi-dimensional Marty Monstar. Marty's obsession with music, art, film and literature led him to trying his hand at poetry and writing his first play. Some say he is eccentric or even mad and the best dressed poet around. Welcome to the wonderful world of Marty Monstar.

Fruit Salad is Marty MonStar’s second book. His first chapbook Love, Peace and Harmony was published in 2018 to great acclaim. Fruit Salad is a medley of Fables, Parables, Prose and Poetry. Marty has drawn upon his childhood experiences of living on a farm to create a collection of eclectic prose that captures the key messages of Fables and Parables. The collection titled “Lucy” is an uncompromising journey in which Marty seeks the guidance of his inner voice, Lucy. Even though Lucy’s advice is generally unhelpful and nonsensical, Marty knows that she will always be there for him. The book closes with a collection of poetry written in 2020.

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