Lawless - Kristen de Kline

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De Kline has the gift of loving the up-side of down events- this beautiful and roistering memoire of life on Lawless St is far from miserable - celebrating the iconography of kisses, inevitable head-kickings and the shady deals we all make with ourselves - yet perhaps with the more perceptive light of sunset on the fringe. Glorious turns of phrase, instant recognition, and stillness to take it back in, like a smoker's drawback -a wonderful read, not safe for work!

- Kerri Shying

These wild sexy love poems explore the nexus of joy and pain, careening through the complex landscapes of memory, culture, generational exile and family breakdown, as Kristen de Kline takes us on an exhilarating and devastating ride into the maze of Lawless Road.

- Beth Spencer

‘Lawless’ is a place; it reels with subversive energy. ‘Lawless’ is powered by joy and anger and despair, by sex, and language. It simmers and explodes with the lawlessness of love. As we travel its suburban streets encountering its characters, we question, just what are the rules? We revel with Kristen de Kline in the ravishing imagery of ‘now’.

- Sarah St Vincent Welch

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