Ley Lines and the Rustling of Cedar - Niloofar Fanaiyan

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Niloofar Fanaiyan’s new book of poetry is a subtle, observant and gentle collection of poems that capture Fanaiyan’s unique voice, a voice searching for connections in and through all things, to find their dignified and respectful centre.

From the Afterword:

And then there is that which connects everything, that which binds all these features, features like the forests and the oceans that precede us and survive us and in a way are witnesses to our comings and goings, to our interactions. In the nascent narratives of our world it is possible for their voices to inhabit our beings and our voices to inhabit their beings in a connection that gives us perspective, that allows us to shift our focus in and out of the picture so that, ultimately, no matter how far outside we go there is still something larger
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