Only Skin Separates Us - Sara Crane

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These are the poetics of the heart and the street. In Only Skin Separates Us, Sara Crane takes us from urban Sydney chaos to East Timor, London and back. Through her eyes, we traverse places where life is as mesmerising as it is violent and memory is a balance of both light and dark. Sara’s work triumphs the thin veneer of existence; the fragile skin of all human beings and the resounding through line of survival - love.

Sara Crane is a Port Macquarie poet, writer and previously a hip hop artist breathing life and truth into poetry that showcases love, depression, romance and death. Now in her 30s, Sara is a poet with a wisdom and force of life that comes from her mindful and cogent reflections on her world and her surroundings.

Since exploding onto the hip hop seen in her 20s, Sara has grown into a visceral, evocative and poignant wordsmith combining her love of story and lyricism with real and honest meaning. Previously a Triple J Unearthed feature artist, AFTRS screenwriting graduate and 2015 Hilltop Hoods/APRA AMCOS Initiative winner, Sara brings a force to both her written and performance poetry that delicately balances grace and rawness, courage and humility.

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