Poetry Book - A Dark Beautiful Life by Laochra

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About the Poetry Book - A Dark Beautiful Life

For fans of LOVE HER WILD and TO MAKE MONSTERS OUT OF GIRLS, the first collection of poetry by the Irish Poet Laochra.

A Dark Beautiful Life is a poetic work of catharsis that is raw and relatable, yet exhales power and strength to its readers through honesty, humour and the joy ride of life itself. It is a dark collection of soul-wrenching poetry in three parts: dark, beautiful and life. It’s like a walk down a scary, dark path but the way has already been lit with pretty lanterns.

Laochra captures the highs, lows and tortures women endure in a modern world and fights to distil freedom of spirit, the power of the female voice and the warrior within.
This is a book of awareness and empowerment, which packs some punches in the form of harsh realities and hard truths, where people can find themselves and begin to rewrite their own ending.

Laochra will reawaken your inner warrior and will hold your hand through the darkest of times, all while ensuring you learn to stand up and fight, for yourself.

About the poet - Laochra

Laochra is a dreamer, stargazer and a storyteller. Originally from the Ireland, she began to chase sunshine and dreams and settled across the world in Australia. She loves a good story, a weird person, a great book, the ocean and has a really soft spot for a colourful sky. Visit her on Instagram @writtenbylaochra.

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