Poetry Book - Some Sketchy Notes on Matter, Angela Gardner

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What does it take to hold the sky in place?
The moving raft of sky a dark shadow of itself.
The miracle of it. All of us holding strings.

From the Afterword:

‘Some Sketchy Notes on Matter came together slowly around preoccupations of safety and shelter at an individual, societal and global level. I also wanted to look at the tensions between digital and analogue reality, between the city and a natural world that exists without us, strange, compelling and precarious. At its worst these tensions become an imbalance, a violence, threatening not only the individual body but the entire planet.’

‘With a hovering intelligence and a laudable lack of ego, the beautifully controlled poems of ‘Some Sketchy Notes on Matter’ investigate the world with an ecstatic’s eye.’
‑—Judges comments – 2018 Dorothy Hewitt Award shortlist.
‘Angela Gardner’s nuanced, lush poems continue to probe interstices between “culture” and “nature”.’
—Judges’ comments NAHR/ Australian Poetry Prize 2018 shortlist.
‘Angela Gardner writes exploratory, vivid and world-engaged poetry’
—Peter Philpott
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