Poetry: Margin Doodles by Waffle Irongirl

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Margin Doodles (Vol 1) is Waffle Irongirl's first poetry chapbook, is drenched in maple syrup, is buttered in parantheses. Each poem is a cupcake iced in doodles. Open wantonly, let the contents spill all over your coffee table. If you live right, you'll be finding forgotten Easter eggs under your couch for years to come.

Doodles deliciously and delicately drawn by Frangellina Ferndale-Gawain.

"Waffle Irongirl has birthed a delicious, soupy, sharp-edged and melting poetic child into this world. It is loud; it is on the verge of toppling under the weight of its own mortality; it is coy; it is silly; and it's so incredibly worth your time. I can't recommend sitting down with this one and a plate of some delicious something enough."
-- Sam Ferrante

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