The Journey of the winter Rose by Margery J Kemp

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About Margery J Kemp

Born in Orange New South Wales and raised in Sydney, Margery Kemp lives with retired Radiologist husband Tim in The Channon area of the New South Wales Northern Rivers hinterland. They have raised a complex family of beautiful daughters, and the family story is woven into the writings of her poetry. A Children’s Hospital trained nurse, her focus over the years has been holistic health research and family care. She believes in music as therapy, has a passion for singing, and was a pupil of the late Welsh tenor David Parker. Though known as Jill which is her middle name, she writes as Margery Kemp in tribute to her fifteenth century namesake Margery Kempe of Lynn, who was the first woman to write an autobiography in English. The Journey of THE WINTER ROSE thoughts & rambles (Mountain House Press) is her fifth collection.
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