The Unintended Consequences of Shattering - Linda Adair

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The Unintended Consequences of the Shattering by Linda Adair. Melbourne Poets Union Inc 2020.

Rochford Cottage Bookstore has a limited number of signed copies of Linda Adair's first book, 'The Unintended Consequences of the Shattering', available for sale.

Linda Adair is a poet, writer and artist, publisher of Rochford Press and co-editor of Rochford Street Review. She holds an honours degree in English from the University of Sydney, a Masters Degre in Sustainable Development from Macquarie University and a landscape Diploma from Ryde TAFE. She was an editor and writer at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum from 1987 to 1999. She has also freelanced for lifestyle and garden magazines. As a horticulturalist/landscape designer she prepared bushland plans of management to protect riparian zones from the impact of adjoining development.

“From the broken, the fragmented, the intentionally shattered, Linda Adair attends to the puzzling of those shards into a mosaic of poems. Menace exists, not abstractly, not without cause, but through design and ill-conceived human ideation. Adair’s language sings like a brook through the granite of this poetry.” – Amanda Joy

“The book’s title: The Unintended Consequence of the Shattering offers a window into Linda’s rich imagery, stunning syntax, surprising twists of language choices and striking turns of topic. This highly accomplished debut is a full-bodied and wide ranging vista on Linda’s deeply empathic connection with our troubled world.” – Anne Casey

“So many of us meander into our calling. Adair shows a singular focus in her shift towards poetry. She paints an assailed world, often wrapped in loss. Elements of our flawed society are isolated, examined then balmed with an indefatigable empathy. Both deeply personal and universal this book introduces us to an engaging voice.” – Les Wicks

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