This Shuttered Eye - Rose Lucas

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This Shuttered Eye tracks the sparking intersections between poetic language and the visual world of perception - whether that's observations of the natural world, the connections between people or conversations with other forms ofpainterly composition. Ranging across geographical place and a gamut of human experience, this collection asks us to focus on the moment of looking - and what it tells us about the world that is framed and the 'eye' that interprets it.

Praise for Unexpected Clearing

‘With its attention to spaces both inhabited and wild, and motifs and images which repeatedly connect the most routine elements of life with the vicissitudes and beauty of climate, landscape, and animality, Unexpected Clearing is an exploration of the need to have ‘roots in soil’; or, indeed, in the sky.’ Alyson Miller, Cordite

This Shuttered Eye offers numinous poems about truths learned with the mind but set free through the senses. ‘Watching through uncurtained glass open / to the breathing density’ of the world’s presence in nature, imagination, art and literature, Rose Lucas carries the reader along landscapes wrought by delight, desire and grief. Dominique Hecq

About the Author

Rose Lucas is a Melbourne poet and academic at Victoria University. She has had two previous poetry collections published by UWAP (Even in the Dark 2013, and Unexpected Clearing 2016). Even in the Dark won the Mary Gilmore Award in 2014. Following her interest in the relationship between poetry and painting, she has been involved in two collaborative exhibitions with visual artist Sharon Monagle (Who do I think I am? Women’s Lives in Poetry and Paint and 2020 Shelter in Place (Kingston Art Gallery/Liquid Amber Press, 2020 and 2021). She is currently working on her next collection, Increments of the Everyday, building on themes of reflection and resilience in the lived experiences of our lives.

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