Ugly Duckling Presse

Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit publisher for poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction, performance texts, and books by artists. Through the efforts of a volunteer editorial collective, UDP was transformed from a 1990s zine into a mission-driven small press that has published more than 300 titles to date, and produced countless prints and ephemera.

UDP favors emerging, international, and “forgotten” writers, and its books, chapbooks, artist’s books, broadsides, and periodicals often contain handmade elements, calling attention to the labor and history of bookmaking.

UDP is committed to keeping its publications in circulation with our online archive of out-of-print chapbooks and our digital proofs program. In all of its activities, UDP endeavors to create an experience of art free of expectation, coercion, and utility.

Our studio — located at The Old American Can Factory (Gowanus, Brooklyn) since 2006 — serves as both nonprofit headquarters, editorial office, and letterpress workshop, where UDP also offers seminars, writing workshops, and site tours, and hosts poetry readings, class visits, and specially tailored book arts classes for high school, college, and graduate students. To enquire about arranging classes and site visits, please email