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The poetry resource book, SlamCraft by Sarah Temporal explores the craft of writing poetry for performance. Put simply, it’s a series on how to create a Slam Poem. But not just for slam poets – this is for anyone who writes and wants to know how to read in front of an audience. It’s for performance poets, spoken-word artists, songwriters who want to go a-capella, first-time writers, whatever. This is about making your art out of words for a live audience.

For teachers, SlamCraft may give you ideas for using spoken-word poetry in the classroom. SlamCraft also offers methods of understanding and evaluating spoken-word poetry. As a relatively recent form, we need more discussion of spoken-word in our academic language in order to fully appreciate it.

What people say about ‘SlamCraft’:

“Sarah Temporal’s SlamCraft is a much-needed excavation of the components behind successful spoken word poetry. Sarah uses an in-depth study of successful spoken word artists and the form’s hip hop origins to educate those wishing to hone their writing for the stage.” – Elliot York Cameron, Word Travels Program & Education Officer, spoken word artist and educator.

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