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Our Journey into web 3


As we move into the next phase of the internet, called Web 3.0, it is all about community. Decentralisation is the name of the game, moving to a place where communities and content creators own their own work and can monetise it.

At Girls on Key, we believe web 3 presents an opportunity to bring together female and non-binary poets globally, to support one another to thrive and build communities that support the next generation of emerging poets.
Here is our roadmap, the first steps in this brave new world.

A Thriving Community


A digital ledger of transactions carried out using cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Eth or SOL.


Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. All members can remain anonymous and contribute crypto towards a common goal. It uses a voting system to decide where to spend the pooled funds.


Solana is a more energy efficient blockchain for storing and utilising the SOL cryptocurrency.


Community Building


5+ Chapters


DAO and NFTs

Our first step is to connect poets together in our community via the discord and on Twitter. To bring together 1,000 people who are passionate about women's poetry, to help us decide how we want to build the community going forward.

Our aim is to establish at least 5 chapters for Girls on Key. We already have a successful publishing press - now we want it to be community owned, while continuing the online store, Poetry Portal Bookshop for poetry books and zines.

We are aiming to create a Girls on Key Poetry Fund DAO. This will be funded by NFT access passes in collaboration with watercolour artists for a customisable twitter banner 1,000 piece collection on Solana. The DAO will govern a vault of NFTs that fund a foundation for supporting emerging female and gender non-conforming poets in their work.

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