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Girls on Key releases Sneaker Peek Vol. 1 EP

Photos (c) Brendan Bonsack ​This year saw the launch of the first Girls on Key EP featuring local spoken word artists and musicians, Sneaker Peek Vol. 1. Launched at the Grace Darling, the EP will be a fundraiser to help Girls on Key to keep running in the future. John Englezos recently gave us his thoughts track by track:

Lisa Crawley - What Would I Give. This is a New day, smooth brit pop story song. Regina Spektor kind of feel. Fleassy Malay - Word Forests. Lyrical weaving, ebb and flow, animated then soft and slow, allowing the rolling of accents and movement from narration to characterisation. As a performer you can see the world she is weaving, the seeds she is sowing. Grace Pageant - Girl with no Bones. Chunky sounding rock. White Stripes-esque. Christine Burrows - Doc Martins. Masterful use of onomatopoeia, this pushing and pushing, moving between ethereal visuals of planets and galaxies to the gritty street and day to day reality. Shadow Feet - Strange Voices. Melodic bar piano ballad, vocally reminiscent of Regina Spektor or Julia Stone. The kind of song you’d expect on a Damien Rice album. Hangover piano ballad? Is that a genre? Amy Bodossian - The Artist paints a strong picture of the artist as fatalistic. resolute. Defiant. Matter of Fact in style. Chanelle Davis - Back when I loved you. Norah Jones-ish songs sweeps up in a waltz through nostalgia. Thanks John for the review. You can download a digital version of the album here: Girls on Key Bandcamp 20% of the funds raised from sales of the EP go to the Red Cross Syrian Refugee Appeal. Let's support local artists!! Anna :)

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