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Official Statement from Founder

Hi Everyone,

Anna here from Girls on Key. It has been over 4 years since I started Girls on Key as a small music gig in Northcote. I thought it would be time to share with you some of the successes and struggles Girls on Key has had, as it has developed to what it is today. I believe in transparency as a leader of anything and if you have ever contributed money, in kind support (e.g. accommodation, social media sharing), raffle products or your voices to what Girls on Key does, it is vital you know how it operates, especially when it comes to money.

Girls on Key exists because of community and for a community. If you are a part of that in any way, know you are valued and your voice matters. I look forward to what's ahead and I hope that you will keep an eye on the Facebook page as I will be doing a vision casting livestream over the next few weeks, where you can catch what the vision is and how to get involved. I will be considering structural changes to enable accountability as Girls on Key chapters start in multiple locations worldwide. This is the right and proper time to do so. Sustainability is the aim of the game and all suggestions welcome on avenues or ideas for continuing in this vein!!

Please email your questions or feedback to

Yours in poetry.


Statement on the Financial Position of Girls on Key

Girls on Key has operated under the ABN of Anna Forsyth as a sole trader for the last 4 years. This means as a tax structure, Anna has been responsible for all accounts. She has worked as a freelance editor and writer to sustain herself, along with taking a modest portion of event door earnings when available (in no way covering the time/cost). As a passion project, Anna has invested her own funds and time into growing the potential of the events and other Girls on Key adjuncts with the following aims:

1. Payment of all poets

- 196 poets to-date have been paid for their work in full and on time (at times Anna has covered this from her own own finances to ensure poets are paid when there has been a door shortfall)

- $1500 each year of outgoings (approx) goes to poet payments

- Individual poet payments are confidential, but the standard agreement for emerging poets is 20% of the door charge, unless a set fee has been negotiated. This also encourages the poet to share the risk by bringing an audience

- A minimum payment of $50 is sometimes offered for interstate poets

- Travel allowances, some accommodation and other travel has at times been allocated where appropriate

2. Charity support

- Girls on Key utilises a raffle and donations of poet fees and cash donations. These have been documented fully and allocated to the following charities:

- Writing Through Fences

- Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

- Red Cross Refugee Appeals

- Open Studio repair fund

- The Women's Room Newcastle

- The Auckland Women's Centre

- Fitzroy Learning Network

- A total of $3761.90 has been donated to the above charities 2014-2016/17 tax years.

- Donation receipts have always been made available to all donors in any form outlining where the money was sent

- Where donations have been utilised to cover door shortfall, these have been documented and paid at the earliest convenience, including by Anna to ensure relationships with charities are not compromised

- Any information on the above is freely available by contacting

3. Administration costs

Over the past four years, Girls on Key has operated on a very slim administration budget, with the aim of having sustainable events where all costs of running each event are covered by the income on the door. Where there has been a loss, Anna has personally covered this.

Voluntary Work

- MCs are offered payment on an event-by-event basis, with most opting to volunteer in their role

- Historically people working on the door have received a small fee, dependant on door sales. Currently door people choose to volunteer, but payments are available on a case-by-case basis and where funds are available

- Photographers are offered payment on a case-by-case/event basis, with most choosing to volunteer

The following tasks are undertaken by Anna in a voluntary capacity or reimbursed in part by door sale excess after poet and raffle payments:

- Booking poets

- Venue liaison

- Accounts

- Marketing and social media

- Design and web development

- Printing and flyer/poster distribution

- Accommodation and travel bookings

- Event planning

- Charity liaison

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